Stall Comfort 101

November 06, 2023 2 min read

Winter is approaching fast. As the weather gets colder, your horse might be spending more and more time inside their stall. Which means it’s up to you to make sure their stable is safe, clean, and ready to go. Making sure your horse is safe and comfortable is a top priority!


Look for Problems

Be on the lookout for any issues that may become big problems. Check the stalls while you clean. If you notice any damage from chewing, kicking, or rubbing, be sure to get the issue taken care of right away. Fixing little things like loose screws and broken boards as you see them will stop future accidents from occurring. Stay alert and you’ll be able to solve problems before they start.


Clear Aisles

Keep the aisles clear to prevent accidents. When too much stuff piles up, it can become a hazard. Keep your items out of walkways and away from your horse. Use storage containers and tack trunks to keep everything out of the way. Keeping your barn organized will make it easier to focus on taking care of your horse.


Replace Broken Hardware

Replacing broken hardware as you find it will help to prevent any potential accidents. Sharp, protruding objects can become dangerous. Cover or replace any sharp metal that might scratch your horse. Use hard rubber hooks instead of metal to keep your horse safe if they accidentally hit it. Look for anything in your horse’s stall that could potentially harm them if they were to hit it.


Keep it Clean

Keeping the stall clean will help to prevent diseases. Provide comfortable bedding for your horse and be sure to change it frequently. This will reduce any ammonia buildup, which can irritate your horse’s respiratory system. Minimize any dust in the stall as well. Excess dust can irritate your horse’s lungs. Cleaning the stall regularly will help keep your horse healthy.


Provide Entertainment

Some horses like being able to see activity when they are in a stable. Being able to watch people or other animals will keep their mind stimulated and engaged. Be sure to monitor your horse as some horses can get too excited from overstimulation. Give your horse activity and companionship to their comfort level to help prevent boredom in a stall.


Treats and Toys

Food is one of the easiest ways to provide enrichment to a stabled horse. Small frequent meals can keep your horse engaged throughout the day. Use a slow-feeder to force horses to stretch out their meals. Toys and treat toys can also provide enrichment. Treat toys will keep your horse engaged and happy when they get that treat out!


Keeping your horse’s environment safe and clean will keep your horse safe and happy.


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