Going Out on the Trail? Essential Riding Gear for You and Your Horse

November 21, 2023 3 min read

Trail riding with your horse is a great activity! You get to enjoy being outside and see new sights with your horse. Before you set out on your adventure with your companion, you should make sure you have all the proper gear to make sure you both have a great time. It’s important to be prepared, especially when traveling with your horse over new terrain.


Food and Water

Always make sure you and your horse are well-fed and hydrated! Know the length of the trail in advance so you can bring the proper amount of snacks and water. If you are preparing for a longer trek, you should bring lunch to make sure you have enough energy. Bring water bottles to stay hydrated. You can freeze a water bottle in advance so it’ll melt during your trip. Be sure your horse is well-fed and hydrated before going out. If it will be a long journey bring something for your horse so they can keep their energy up as well.


Proper Attire

Wearing proper riding gear is important when going out on a trail ride with your horse. A helmet should always be worn when traveling over uneven terrain with your horse. You never know if your horse will trip or if you’ll fall off and you’ll want to protect your head. Make sure to wear proper riding pants so your legs are protected and don’t rub your legs raw while riding. Good riding boots will help keep you comfortable while riding. Long sleeves can protect you from the sun. Wearing proper attire to ride will help you stay comfortable and safe on your trip.



It’s important to know where you are going when riding on a trail. Bringing a map will help you keep track of your location. Cell phones can be helpful for locating where you are, but not all trails will have cell service. It’s important to have a backup plan like a physical map or a GPS.



You never know what might happen on a trail ride, so it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. Bringing a first aid kit for you and for your horse will help you be prepared if someone accidentally gets hurt. Bandages, antibiotic ointment, gauze pads, etc. are all good basics to have in a first aid kit. Pack anything you think you might need in an emergency.



Going out on a trail ride is a great way to spend time outdoors. Be sure you are prepared to face the outdoors before you go! Sunscreen will help protect you from the sun while you ride. Bug spray and fly spray will protect you and your horse from pests on the trail. It might be a good idea to pack emergency rain gear for you and your horse in case the weather changes suddenly.



Pack some extra tools you might need on your trip. A hoof pick will be helpful if your horse gets a rock stuck in their hoof. A flashlight is a good tool in case your ride takes longer than expected. Bring extra batteries for your flashlight and GPS. Bring extra gear for your horse in case you need a backup. You should pack a change of clothes for after your ride to change.


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