October is Pet Wellness Month

October 06, 2023 3 min read

October is Pet Wellness Month, a time to focus on our pet’s health. From dogs to cats to horses and everything in between, pets have become part of our families and we care for them a lot. Pet Wellness Month is the perfect opportunity to take time for our pets and focus on their care. This month is also a great time to go out and volunteer at a local shelter or donate supplies to help other animals who are not pets yet. If you have pets at home already, now is the perfect time to check in on their wellness and health. Here we have some ways you can make sure your pet is healthy.


1. Spending Time With Your Pets

Spending time with your pets is one of the best ways to keep track of their health. Pets are not able to talk to you when they are not feeling well. So, you must keep an eye on them to notice when they are hurting. Spending time with them allows you to notice when something is off. Noticing problems early will help you to catch any issues before they can become a serious problem. Spending time with your pets also makes both of you happy and will strengthen your bond.


2. Wellness Checkups

Wellness checkups are important to keep an eye on your pet’s health. While monitoring them yourself is always a good start, there are always things you could miss or you can’t see. If you notice any symptoms in your pet you should always check with your veterinarian to figure out what is wrong, but regular checkups will help to catch anything you don’t. The vet will be able to find and diagnose any symptoms your pet may be experiencing. Routine veterinary visits will keep your pet on track to being the healthiest version of themselves.


3. Dental Health

Dental health is just as important to your pet as it is for you. Dental hygiene will help prevent diseases from developing that may have negative long-term impact on your pet. Regular dental care and dental checkups with the vet are necessary to make sure your pet’s teeth are clean and healthy just like the rest of them.


4. Diet and Exercise

Pet wellness month is a great time to review your pet’s diet and their weight. You want to make sure your pet has quality food. Your pet needs all their required nutrients to be healthy. Give them treats sparingly to keep your pets at a healthy weight. Put aside time to give them adequate exercise too. Obesity in pets can lead to other health problems. Playing with your pet will help save them from boredom and provide enrichment, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Take the time this month to check in with your pet. Spend time with them, make sure they’re getting regular checkups, and make time to play and get moving. Keeping your pet healthy will also make you feel better. While Pet Wellness Month is the perfect time to start paying attention to your pet’s health, be sure to keep the same focus on your pet year round to ensure they are always happy and healthy.


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