How To Inflate Your Jolly Mega Ball™

October 20, 2023 2 min read

The Jolly Mega Ball™ can be used as a fun enrichment toy or training tool for your horse. You can choose from a few different sizes and can also purchase different styles of cover separately to increase its longevity. Your Jolly Mega Ball™ comes deflated in a box and will need to be inflated before you and your horse can enjoy it and we’ll show you how to do that in 3 easy steps - full video at the end!


1. Check For Parts

First, check the contents of your Jolly Mega Ball™ box to ensure all pieces have been included. All Jolly Mega Balls™ will come with the ball itself, instructions, a plug remover, and at least 2 white plugs. Depending on which size Jolly Mega Ball™ you purchase, you may get a foot pump that can be used to help inflate the ball. The foot pump comes in the box with the 25” (red) and 30” (blue) size. The 40” (green) ball is our largest size, so using a foot pump will be much harder and take longer than it would using an air pump or air compressor.

30" Jolly Mega Ball contents


2. Start Inflating

You can use an air pump or air compressor to save time and energy when inflating any size Jolly Mega Ball™. We’d recommend using the foot pump to inflate the 25” and 30” balls as this is the safest way to fully inflate since it gives you the most control over how much air is being pumped into the ball at once.

To begin, simply locate the air hole on the ball and insert the slimmest nozzle on the foot pump attachment into the ball. If you’re using an air compressor or pump, you will want to be sure it has a similar size nozzle to the one shown attached to the hose from the foot pump below.

Foot pump nozzles


Note: The foot pump has two holes for the hose attachment to connect to. The black hole is used for pumping air into the ball while the blue hole will pull air out of the ball.

 Foot pump

Begin inflating the Jolly Mega Ball™, measuring it as you go. Measuring is crucial when inflating your ball as this is the only way to determine if the ball has been filled with enough air. Often, the ball will feel firm to the touch as it's pumped up but will not be fully inflated. Use a yard stick or measuring tape to measure from the ground to the crest of the ball for an accurate measurement. Once it reaches 25”, 30”, or 40” (depending on which size you purchased) you will know the ball has been inflated all the way. Fill the ball with no more than a half inch more if needed to account for some air loss when removing the pump and placing the white plug in the air hole.

Jolly Mega Ball 30 inch

3. Ready To Play!

Double check the size of the ball by measuring it one last time before removing the pump from the air hole and sealing it with one of the included white plugs.

Now your Jolly Mega Ball™ is ready to go!

Jolly Mega Ball 30 inch with plug

Horse with Jolly Mega Ball



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