Which Enrichment Toy is Best for Your Horse?

January 05, 2023 3 min read

When it comes to horses, no two are exactly alike. Each horse, just like humans and other animals, are individuals and enjoy different things. Some horses may prefer the company of other horses, while some would prefer to explore their surroundings, picking up treats along the way. Regardless of how your horse likes to spend their time, providing them with appropriate enrichment is necessary to keep them happy and healthy.


Enrichment Is Important For Horses

As you can imagine, doing the same thing, seeing the same sights, and eating the same food gets boring after awhile. Your horse feels the same way, which is why it’s important to provide enrichment to them in different ways. Supplying a variety of enrichment toys and activities can help curb unwanted stall habits and behavior problems by fulfilling your horse’s basic needs and giving them mental stimulation.

There are a variety of enrichment toys out there, but since each horse can differ from one breed to the next, it’s helpful to choose the best enrichment toy based on your horse’s unique personality.


Choosing The Right Enrichment Toy For Your Horse

Social and Playful Horses

Many horses crave companionship, whether it’s from another horse or different animal, but some horses want to be able to engage in play with their companions more closely than just having them around. For especially playful and social horses, providing toys that allow them to work together are great options.


Jolly BallThe Jolly Ball is a durable, lightweight toy that can be kicked and bit. The handle makes it easy for one horse to hold onto while the other grabs it or allows them to toss it in the air for each other. Its specially formulated JollyFlex™ material allows it to float – so it won’t get lost in a water bucket!


Jolly TugFor the ultimate tug-of-war-loving horses, the Jolly Tug provides each horse with a handle of their own to pull. Even for strong, rambunctious playmates, the Jolly Tug features a durable Cordura Nylon covering to stand up to multiple play sessions.


Food-Oriented Horses

Grazing is a natural part of being a horse. Horses spend several hours of their daily lives grazing in order to meet their basic nutritional needs. Since pasture time can vary from horse to horse for many reasons, some horses find mental stimulation through food more appealing than other forms of enrichment. While a treat is nice, it doesn’t provide horses with stimulation for very long. This is why puzzle toys filled with healthy treats can be much more fulfilling.


Amazing GrazeNot only can the Amazing Graze offer a challenging food puzzle for your horse, but its durability allows it to be kicked around freely, without worry of breaking a part. It encourages horses tobe active as well as giving a rewardin the form of food asthey engage with it.


Jolly Hay BallStall boredom is a large reason why horses develop stall vices, but sometimes stall time is necessary, especially if a horse is injured and has to be kept on stall rest. This when enrichment toys, like the Jolly Hay Ball, can be especially helpful for keeping your horse engaged. It’s design allows it to be stuffed with hay and other small treats, allowing your horse to figure out how to get each thing out. In addition, it’s Jolly Ball-shape allows it to be hung, which can provide further entertainment for your horse even when the treats have been eaten.


High Energy Horses

Some horses have tons of energy and are extremely playful, curious, and engaged. They just want something-or someone-to play with. Horses who are highly energetic need especially entertaining enrichment toys that allow them to work out all that excess energy.


Jolly Mega BallThe Jolly Mega Ball was designed with durability in mind for the spunkiest of horses. Coming in a variety of sizes, it can be kicked, rolled, and bounced throughout the pasture for your horse to chase after. Additionally, Jolly Mega Ball covers can be added to increase their durability for horses who really love to rough house.


Try different toys or a combination of toys to see which ones your horse likes the most.Since the same thing over and over can become boring after awhile, create new games with their toys or move them around to different places to continue making something old feel like something new.


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