How Boredom Busters Can Help Your Horse

February 10, 2023 3 min read

If you are sitting at home all day with nothing to entertain you, you will probably get bored. Your horse feels the same way. Sitting in a stall all day, or even going out for the same old routine every day can get boring. By providing variety to your horse’s life, you can keep them from getting bored with the same old routine. Enrichment is especially important in keeping horses from getting bored. Boredom Busters are a fantastic way to spice up your horse’s daily life. Just like dogs and cats, horses like playing too!


How Can You Tell if Your Horse is Bored?

Predictable routines, small stalls, and lack of activity can cause horses to become bored. Horses with no way to relieve boredom can suffer. Horses can become listless and unmotivated, being prone to distractions while they are outside. Without enough stimulation your horse may become hyperactive and anxious when they finally get time in the field. When horses become frustrated and aggressive, they can develop bad habits such as weaving, cribbing, and self-biting. They may resort to destructive behaviors that can cause damage to themselves and your property.

To stop these bad behaviors before they start, be sure to keep your horse engaged. Many types of enrichment can help to keep your horse mentally and physically stimulated.


Outside Play

Increase your horse’s space to move around. Let them out in a field to run around and get out any pent-up energy. Ride around different areas to give your horse a chance to explore. Even running the same path every day can get boring after a while. Mix it up by taking them on new trails. To make it even more entertaining, throw a Jolly Mega Ball into the mix. Your horse will love to push it and chase it around. TheJolly Ball is also perfect for outside play. The handle makes it easy for your horse to pick up and toss around. They will love to throw it and chase after it.


Companion Play

Horses are social animals. They love to hang out with their people and other animals. Social engagement can help to enrich your horse. Throwing in a Jolly Tug will be sure to up the fun for your horse. The two handles make the Jolly Tug a great toy for horses to play tug of war with each other.


Stable Play

While horses can’t always be in the field, there’s still plenty of ways to provide enrichment inside a stall. A Jolly Apple is a great toy for the horse to bop around and toy with for hours on end! It even smells like an apple too! For an actual snack toy, the Jolly Stall Snack Combo is a great combination snack and toy for your horse to enjoy. Your horse can lick the snack and bop the toy around to alleviate boredom.


Foraging Play

Horses are natural foragers and supplying a way for them to forage when eating allows them to slow down and stimulates their mental health. The Amazing Graze is a smart and enriching way to keep the horses occupied. Stall Toys are a great tool to use for horses recovering from injuries to keep them entertained and fed even while stuck in stall lockdown.


The best way to keep your horse entertained is to provide a variety of enrichment activities. Always have something different for them to play with and they will never get bored! Switch out different toys or even play Enrichment Games with your horse to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Horses like to interact and play games just like any other pet, so always be thinking of new ways to keep them happy!

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