Horse Grooming Tips

May 11, 2023 3 min read

Grooming your horse is one of the most important parts of caring for your horse. Keeping your horse clean and dirt-free will keep them happy and healthy. The act of grooming your horse will also increase the bond you have with them. Not to mention grooming your horse can be a great arm workout for you! Taking care of a horse and keeping them clean is a big responsibility, but don’t fret! Here are some beginner’s tips for grooming your horse.


Start with the Hooves

Be sure to clean your horse’s hooves every time you groom them. It’s important to make sure their entire body is clean, including their hooves! You will need a hoof pick to help clean out the debris from the hooves. A hoof pick can clear out mud, rocks, snow, dirt, and other debris. When cleaning your horse’s hooves, you will be able to check for any issues that may cause your horse problems when riding. Check for loose or missing shoes if your horse typically wears them, and lumps or abrasions that may need treatment.


Curry! Curry! Curry!

Currying is the most important part of your horse’s grooming process. Using a curry comb, rub circles into your horse to dig up dead hair and dirt. Not only does currying remove dirt, but it helps to massage the skin and stimulate blood flow. This act of massaging helps to release natural oils that make your horse’s coat shine. Follow up currying with brushing. Use a stiff brush and soft brush to remove the dirt and then smooth the coat. Be sure to brush in the direction the hair grows. The stiff brush will remove the loosened dirt and oil from the horse while also spreading the natural oils for a shiny coat. The soft brush will collect dust and smooth your horse’s coat for a nice shiny look.


Brush the Mane and Tail

Like human hair, your horse’s hair can get tangled in knots. After currying and brushing your horse’s body, be sure to pay attention to their mane and tail. You can use a detangler before combing with your fingers. Comb with your fingers to check for any knots and detangle any you find as gently as you can. If you wash your horse’s mane and tail, be sure to rinse out any suds thoroughly, as leftover suds can leave your horse’s mane and tail dull and itchy.


Clean Your Brushes!

Cleaning your brushes is as important as cleaning your horse! If the brushes aren’t clean, you are just spreading dirt back onto your horse. Cleaning your brushes will ensure your horse is getting a good cleaning every time you groom them.


Don’t Shampoo too much!

While it’s important that you keep your horse clean, there may be such a thing as too clean, at least when it comes to bathing. Shampooing your horse too often can strip your horse of the natural oils that give their coats its shine. These natural oils also protect the skin from insects, fungi, and parasites. Shampooing your horse too often can also leave your horse’s skin dry and itchy, which may cause unwanted rubbing to scratch that itch. As an alternative you can use plain water to get rid of dirt and sponge them down with a liniment after a workout. When you do perform a wash day with your horse, try to keep the shampoo to a smaller amount. You need less than you think.

Grooming your horse is a great way to keep them clean, bond with them, and check for any health issues you might have missed. Keeping your horse happy and healthy is the most important thing for any horse owner. Be sure to include grooming in your schedule for taking care of your horse.


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